Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Priorities a Muck

OK. So I've been all whacked out. I haven't been writing a) because I've been feeling pretty negative & b) I haven't had a moment to even exhale...except on the phone with my sister or best girl. I really need to get back on a positive track. It's insane how things just fall apart when you become negative. It's a serious domino effect.
my zen photo:)

I have a lot to be positive about. It's time to focus on those things. First my son, Boone, is having his 1st birthday. Then it's my best friend's baby shower. Next it's Halloween! Those things may not take away my stresses, but I'd rather focus on them than the crappy things.

Well, I'm sick along with both of my cutie pies. Not sure how much I'll be getting done in the next few days. Priority 1, take care of family's well being;)

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