Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shake Dat Bootie

My 1st pair I made were for my soon to be Goddaughter, Eva Rose.Such a pretty name:) I can't find any pictures yet:( They are red boots with a brown button sewn on the inside ankle (snugly sewn on), with brown yarn. The button is to sorta copy Chuck Taylor's. I made these in the dark while nursing Boone. They were the cloth diaper cake topping for the baby shower. When they stop fitting they can then be a Christmas Tree ornament. Thanks Debbie:)

I made Boone some "boots" also. I definitely need more practice, but I still like 'em. They are light brown wool with a green wool sole. Soft wool, not all itchy. Tan yarn. Picture belowwwww...
 Now the next one's are a gift for my friend's new addition Nina. Love that name! These are gray with pink/red yarn. You can see the rest...

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