Thursday, November 1, 2012


watching football on a chill day
It's been fo-evah since I wrote here. This will change. Can't write much now due to my boys being home today, but wanted to say, "Hola!" I have recently deactivated my facebook and do not plan to be distracted from life through writing here. The facebook thing feels GREAT! I did do it without collecting some good contact info though. May go back simply to do that. I've been wanting to do that for awhile and finally was inspired from a friend I actually met due to all these social websites;) They can serve their purposes...then I'll move on. So much has happened in the past year. All extremely positive. It helps to truly have faith too. "Bad" situations arose, but I knew (at least I felt I knew) these bad things had to happen in order to get happier outcomes in life. One of the biggest was my husband losing his job. BEST THING EVERRRR. It didn't fully feel that way at first, but I did know that if we, as a team, handled it "right", we would be better than OK. Many struggles were ahead of us, but I got my husband back and I love him more now than I did the day we married. I can safely say this a year later;) He started working months after. I'm very pleased with his new work too. He works during normal hours. Long hours, but normal. Then he will have off for a week with us. He is sooooo much happier too. Everyone in this family is much happier. Working in the film industry has allowed him to work being physical and being creative. Much healthier situation. Enough about that because I'm sure he'll shake his head if he reads this.

More news too. We are definitely moving. Out of the city finally. It's not the beach like we had hoped, but we are going with it. Hopefully new news on that very soon! ALSO, we are expecting a new addition to the Rodgers family! We are halfway to his/her arrival time. We find out the sex very soon. Anyway, I've written longer than I expected to. Oops!

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  1. YO LADY! I knew you had gone missing from FB! Don't become a stranger!