Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Quality Boone Time

It's been awhile since I had an outing with Boone without his big brother. Yesterday was that day. I wore Tallulah the majority of the time while playing & talking with my Boone. It was way overdue. No dishes or laundry to clean, just hikes, a playground & a picnic by a waterfall.

On this trip I had a "whoa" moment. I'm pushing Boone on a tire swing & *BAM*, Boone grew up so fast in the blink of my eyes. We were cracking up while I took pictures & he just became much older to me. My perception of him froze @ a much younger age. I mean, he has been blowing me away with his wisdom @ 3 yrs old & I've been noticing him losing his baby face more & more, but MAN...

He is such a sweet gentle soul. Like my younger brother, like his dad. It hurts my heart I love him so much. All my kids, but this post, that day, was for my Boone-ski. 
They both had their mouths open. Goobers. 

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