Monday, December 22, 2014

DIY y'all

This Christmas we have made the majority of gifts. We got a few things at the thrift store & bought the boys one special gift. The special gift is one we have been wanting to get & will be useful for years. 

So, while making gifts I have also made other stuff. We haven't really bought Tallulah clothes. We have gotten things here & there, but seriously not much. I have transformed some of the boys clothes for her, like shorts, to either bubble skirts or knickers, made her clothes from fabric/clothes I had & gotten hand me downs. Why not.
(This photo was a couple months ago)

Anyway, I haven't gotten a lot of photos, but here are some. 
B asked me to make him an orange hat. My sister shared her rad hat she knitted for my niece & it inspired me to make one out of an old sweater. He asked for a puffball, so I made one from yarn. 

          (Yes, B has a cast on his foot.)
It's hard to see here, but I added denim knee patches with yellow thread to L's greenish-blue chords here. He had worn right through those pants. 

This isn't the greatest photo, but I made some lavender harem pants for T. I used a sweater. I was pretty excited about these. 

I made these out of one of John's old shirts & a thrift store scarf (the knee pads). 

The thing I made tonight is a gift for john. I'll be waiting until after Christmas to share that. 

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