Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Keep it Positive

Here it is Tuesday. So much has happened since I last wrote on here. Yesterday was amazingly rad:) My husband and I came to the house to check things out & meet with the adjuster. This after bickering with the hubby all morning. He was stressed & it showed in so many ways (love ya babe). We also had sold our tickets to see Pixies last night. It was a show I was really looking forward to too. I was bummed, but kept telling John and myself that it didn't really matter, it will be OK & something good will come out of it. When I say that, I don't just mean something big. It could be a lesson or an important reminder.

Anyway, I was headed to the house with the idea our house had all this water damage. That is what we were told & all. I got there & gave John a pep talk outside while we hung out in the killer fall-ish weather. Then the service men showed up with the good news that there wasn't as much damage as we originally thought. The adjuster was sooooooooo cool. He was super chill, wasn't expecting that, and was extremely helpful. Long story short, this chaos ended up being OK. (told you so,baby)

Now the Pixies show... I was pretty sad I was about miss another cool show. 1st 2nd row seats to My Morning Jacket, then Bad Brains (my birthday w/ morning sickness) & then this. Well, my bestest girl, Ashley was going with her husband for their anniversary. He offered her his seat for me. He was so sweet about it too. Ended up, the girl I promised the tickets to said she could buy more from somebody else, we could go (now that our house didn't break us...& found a last minute babysitter, again) AND Ash got to keep her anniversary date:) Think about how much she had to be glowing too, knowing what a sweet selfless thing her husband had just done!!

Anywho, blah blah blah. My point is that this new approach of staying positive and having faith it will all work out is WORKING FOLKS!


  1. I am doing a jig... can ya feel me??? xoxo

  2. Ha, the sweet move by Pete really saved the whole night, actually. He bought tickets from a friend who had seats right next to us. When he got there, to my surprise he was accompanied by a girl Pete used to "date". Yeah, happy anniversary to me. He had no clue, but normally I would have chewed him up and spit him out. Because he cared so much about my best girls feelings, I gave him a break. Later on he felt the little one kick for the first time. It did all work out that day!