Sunday, September 12, 2010

Outta the House

ahh yeah;)
Well, we are currently out of our home...indefinitely. The water damage in our attic is pretty bad. Our wood floor is paying for it as well. It won't take our last breath though. We will be OK. My husband is totally stressed out, for good reasons, but I keep reminding him that it doesn't really matter. I wouldn't have said that a year ago. No way! I would be acting like it was the end of the damn world. We are now staying with family, but will be looking into a hotel. I pray our insurance covers all this mess. We will still have the deductible, but SO WHAT! Seriously, I can't stress over things like I used to. It only makes these situations harder. I'm going to just roll with it. All of it. Life. Everything happens for a reason. Something that is meant to be will come out of this. Even if I'm wrong, which I'm not (haha), it helps me to be OK. Today we will be having a cookout poolside with some there! ;)

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