Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh Honey

So, I just have to share that honey is a SWEET painkiller. Yes, I can be very punny;) I had surgery over a month ago to get rid of my popeye's elbow...bursitis. Well, a month late my body started rejecting the sutures put on the inside of my wound. Finally it became infected. I was using hydrogen peroxide, then Aquaphor on top of that. The infection continued to get worse. I went to see the surgeon yesterday to make sure it wasn't a staph infection...nope. He did say he could give me antibiotics just to be safe. No thank you. Anyway, it was hurting like hell & looking HORRIBLE, so I tried putting some organic Georgia honey on the wounds that were "spitting out" the sutures. I then put bandages over that. OH MY GOSH! The pain started going away. I really should have taken before & after pictures. It's amazing. Overnight the healing sped up as well. I've used honey on little cuts, scrape & burns, but nothing so serious yet. I'm stoked! I need to take a picture of it now, at least:) After the hubby wakes up...It is my elbow & all.

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