Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Feingold "Diet"

sooo not part of the Feingold program, but it was the last time I used fake crap. (in May)
  I REALLY need to start stage 1 of the Feingold Diet. I also need to learn more about artificial additives. Seems even the "natural" flavorings/colors can  be harmful to some children. I'm sling baby steps & that is all I can really handle right now. I'm so ready to get the elimination part over with though  . It's crazy to think something as healthy as an apple or almonds can cause such a negative reaction in some kids' brain. Time to get on it & I'll keep updating while I figure it all out;)


  1. hang in there... Progress not perfection! Otherwise you'll be bald.

  2. Ha, thanks. Only halfway baldness. Just kiddn;)