Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Upcycle Rules!

I just really feel the need to post something fun. It's yucky out & my last post felt icky.

So yesterday I took a Pringles can out of my car & was about to toss it in the recycle closet. I remembered that I read somewhere (wish I had the link) that you could use one of those containers to keep carpet freshener in. I poked holes in the plastic lid to shake the mix out of. I also used tissue paper from my girl's baby shower to decorate it. The mix is: baking soda with a few drops of cedarwood oil & vinegar.  Anywho, here are some photos...

I also took a scrap piece of wood, old tin can, scrap randomness & paint and made a towel holder for the boys' bathroom. The towels will hang from wood/metal drawer knobs:)

I plan to take some skinny sticks, dye them with OLD food coloring I meant to throw away and have them coming out of the can.