Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sweet Day

I'm pretty delirious so this should be me, I mean;)

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Today was definitely a sweet day. I'm tired, but it was one of those days that things seemed to be going "right". I was panicked at first because I remembered last night that I needed to make my son a kind of last minute spider costume for his last week of preschool. There was no need to panic because the inspiration finally went off like a light bulb. *brush my hands off* Then my husband & I managed to scrape up some quarters to hit the state farmer's market. Nothing wrong with that! Scored tons of Georgia food:) That isn't always guaranteed, so yay. Then Boone & I started the laundry without him getting too wild throwing the clothes around.

Anyway, I got creative, worked on laundry, spring cleaned some, went running with my bestest girl, Ash & my beautiful goddaughter, Eva, played in the yard & got the night routine going without any tantrums;) Gotta say it was a good day.  After the boys went to bed I got online and saw this blog post. Check out this fellow Atlanta gal out! I definitely appreciate her havin my back:)

Now Boone is  getting squirmy back there...teething rules!

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