Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is anybody out there????

Haha, it's been quite some time since I've written here. I've been crazy buzy...oh & crazy spread thin. I have also wasted so much time trying to build a website when all this time I just needed to buy a domain and bring it here! Anywho, I'm still figuring out all that mess. 

So right now I have a couple Saturdays to work!! Yay, I get to sell some of my works:) I have been going nuts working on so much & trying to do the mommy thing, among other craziness. Sept 10th I'll be at the very 1st Atlanta Mini Maker Faire. Definitely excited. There will be some seriously cool folks there with insanely creative work. Robots for my boys to see? Yeaaaah.

The next Sat. I'll be doing the EAV Strut. I've been attending this foreverrrrrrr & now I'll finally have a booth. Sweet! It's been getting so big & this year should be nuts.

Hopefully next I'll get some jobs doing portraits. I really enjoy doing that. How bad arse will it be to finally be doing what I love , getting paid AND still be a stay at home mom for my sweet boys??

there are about 900 of my photos here!
I made my own cards!

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  1. Woot! We'll be at the Faire with you girl! I do wish they would hurry up and give us some more info though.

    I am so sad we had to back out of Strut! I hope you sell huge!