Friday, December 7, 2012

Healing the burn

Ha!! That title could be the start of so many topics really. This time it's very literal though. I have some pretty deep subjects I could write about, but I'm keeping it light for right now. I wanted to share a natural burn solution. My youngest lil munchkin grabbed a hot cast iron skillet 2 days ago while I was cooking in the kitchen. I heard his hand, behind me, sizzle. Oh man I felt bad. I instantly grabbed my whipped coconut oil with vitamin E (I totally made it. Word.) & mixed it with our Manuka honey (crazy strong raw honey) & put it on the spot that was burned. It was the area on his palm under his thumb. It was apparent at the time. I bandaged it up & the crying stopped less than a minute later. The honey acts as a topical pain killer on top of a healing agent:) He went on with his day playing in the dirt. I had him sleep with it wrapped up too. The next day, yesterday, I took it off. NO blister or burn marks. You see up close where it was burned, but I had to take a picture.Still hard to see and that's a good thing!

Now I have to add that I've burned myself & used it with red ant bites. With both situations I used on only half of my "boo boos" & it is insane how the honey alone works.

Anyway, short & sweet. I wanted to share.

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