Saturday, April 12, 2014

Give it UP

The idea of a tidy house that is. It just ain't happening anytime soon. I'm a freak. I'm so sensitive to my surroundings that it's hard to give up the idea of a tidy home. I have 3 small kids, we homeschool, we do crafts together, I do my on etc. I also have given up on having any rooms that are more adult-like. I will miss the hell out of my kids' drawings on the wall one day. It brings tears to my eyes. I'm wasting too much precious time being stressed about a tidy house. Not to mention the bickering with my boys over it. It's outside season anyway, I'll put up their stuff & they can play outdoors. They can read, write & draw when inside. I had put all their stuff in the attic before & it was nice. Even Luke commented on how nice it was. Somehow they were never bored, unlike when too many toys are available. Simple is so much better. So up they go. This is my ramble. 

Here's what I'm typically doing during my youngest's nap...
Wearing her;) She just isn't having the sneaking off yet.

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