Saturday, April 12, 2014

Six Flags Adventure

We took the kids to Six Flags for the first time. It was my first time too. Lame!
John surprised me with a random day off & said we were going there with a friend from work & his family. I was so stoked. I didn't get to ride much because Tallulah is so young, but I rode a few. I had fun watching the boys have fun. Boone mostly. He was all over the roller coasters.
Luke was like me, scared of heights. He says he wants to try more next time. I know he'll warm up to it. I do as long as I'm not pushed. He did love the swings. 
Tallulah loved the umbrella hat Daddy won on some tough guy sledge hammer thing.
And then her dramatic "fall".
The boys scored some Superman capes too.
The beginning of our day was pretty stressful, but it leveled out eventually. The boys loved it. Tallulah is happy wherever;)

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